Long Haul and iOS Screen

There may be other topics regarding this, but I had a question since I haven’t done long hauls in ages. I remember that a good trick was setting your camera to scenic view to help prevent static icons “burning in” or otherwise damaging your screen by staying displayed for hours and hours. For iOS devices, and specifically the iPad Pro 11 (my personal device) the latest work around for long hauls was to point the camera up at the sky. Given that the sky is pretty static in terms of blue and not much changing, would this potentially harm my screen in any way? I’ll turn the birghtness down all the way, enable low power mode and not have any status bar showing. Just curious before I accidentally do something I can’t fix 😬

AFAIK the iPad Pro doesn’t have an OLED screen so burn-ins are less of an issue. I think you should be fine if you do long hauls once in a few days and maybe use the HUD view without the hud (that’s what I do). That way the pixels will still change every few mins or so and not stay dormant

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@PocketRishi @Chatta290 Great. Thanks! Always good to double check (I didn’t realize burn in was mainly an issue with OLED only, so that’s reassuring). Also the HUD with no data is another good trick. Appreciate it!

Also non-sequiter but I recently started watching your youtube videos @PocketRishi - very nicely done!


Have you crashed since using update 20.1?

@Trio Nope - took out the 777 for a spin today between Boeing Field and Snohomish with some patterns and everything on high - ran great.

Given your question, was that trick of pointing the camera at the sky more to avoid crashes than a good default setting to put on for hours?

Thank you so much I’m glad you like the videos! :)

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It’s actually the exact contrary. The more static the better. iOS has a leak that was found in the internal workings that essentially gets exploited when there is too much scenery to load. This is what caused all those Lang haul crashes we’ve been hearing about for the last 6+ months. The workaround has been to set the camera to the most static screens, so not anything with scenery. Although I personally never experienced these crashes, as a safety measure, I usually leave the camera in the cockpit view, and if there are working instruments, then on the instruments themselves.

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It is a good trick but there is a fix in the 20.1 update for that that so it should work great for iOS users, but you can continue doing this as well if you’d like. It may not be necessary anymore.

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