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Hi everyone, I’ve got an IPad 7th gen from 2020 and I’ve done 12+ hr flights before however I was just wondering if I’d be ok to leave a flight going overnight. It sounds silly but I’m worried that my IPad would overheat and potentially catch fire.

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One of the amazing things about this forum community is that sooooo many people have the same interests, ideas, and questions. And with that, people that help others with information they have to combine solutions. So what I’m getting at is, before making a new topic, search up your question throughout the forum, and find your answers there first :)

Thanks ☺️ I’ll make sure to do that next time!!!

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I did many overnight flights and everything was fine, but make sure you fully charge your device before going to sleep so your device doesnt run out of battery

Leaving it with cockpit view and enjoy your sleep and that’s the exact same thing I’m doing rn. Just make sure you’ve double checked that your iPad was plugged.

Just make sure none of your family members come by and think you forgot to turn your device off, so they turn it off “for you”


yes just leave it on charge and keep it near to you. i normally restart my ipad and clear cache in-app settings too.

A good little trick not everyone knows about is the view your in. When you are leaving the flight to do its thing, zoom in on the chair so your screen becomes black. This uses less pixels as there is no image making your device a little less warm ;)

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That had happened to me so many times 💀

I would recomend you to do NOT leave your tablet overnight : You will have to monitor your step+climbs troughout the flight, survey the wind status that you might have prepared and pay attention to you device state as you’ve already mentioned.

My answer here is NO. You think that you are doing a flight in a real aircraft, you cannot leave your aircraft during flight and get back to it, right ?
Flying on IF is the same principle, if you leave it you will have surprises that you would never expect (OR if you do this, it is for a short period of time during this kind of long flight something around 30 minutes or less) but not to sleep

Bad idea

You clearly have never flown a red eye in IF before

Right now as I’m writing this, I’m preparing my near 5 year old XS MAX for an overnight 14 hour flight to Manchester from Hong Kong. Previously flying many overnight flights on older iPhone models, like mine, I can assure that you’re iPad would be doing much better. Be sure that after you depart your device is plugged in, and any details like FPL, fuel and etc are in order. Then after reaching cruising altitude, lower your device brightness and sound and in game graphics, together with pointing your view to a dark place in the cockpit to further stress out the device a bit ;)

All of this can be countered by just adding more fuel, there’s nothing the game can throw at you outside of bugs that would cause you to have to be at your device or risk crashing.

OP, you can absolutely leave your flight overnight. I’ve probably done overnight flights numbering well into the hundreds and minus a few violations from oversleeping nothing bad has ever happened.


what do you mean by flyning a red eye ?

yes but I often see the result of aircraft’s players flying in circle over their destination airport for hours if not minutes then desapearing without trying to land to complet thier flight.

As you said, it is possible but for my point of view it is not reasonable.

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A red eye flight is where you take off at night and land in the morning

If you’re trying to be realistic then yes, it’s absolutely not reasonable. But from a logistics perspective it can be done.

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oh ok

I use to fly on the Sim on day light even on long-haul flights, but the time on the Sim is switched to night or afternoon so I can land on day light on the Sim even if it’s night outside.

I don’t follow the daytime around me to fly on the Sim

Logisticly Yes it is possible

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