Long Haul Advice


After the whole fuss on long haul crashes, I haven’t flown long haul. (it’s been about 2 months).

if you could help with a few questions it would help

Can someone link me an accurate flight planner?
I’ve seen lots of discussion on how to avoid long haul crashes, some advice was switch to ATC cam, or to look at the overhead panel on cockpit view. Which camera avoids downloading the tiles the most and decreases crash chances?


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Both do.

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I find looking up works just fine.

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thanks for the help

From @ Chris_S: ATC/Tower/Cockpit pointing up are the best

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Personally, I turn the brightness and volume all the way down as well as set the time to Night. After that, I move my camera view to cockpit and make sure it is zoomed all the way in to the overhead panel where there is a black spot or no lights. This works about 95% of the time for me. Hope this helps :)

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