Long haul 208 SAN-LAX flight. Tips?

Hello I am doing one of my longest flights ever (on solo because I don’t have live) and that is to LAX to SAN and I am flying in a FedEx 208 and I want some tips so IF community give me what you got!


You didn’t listen. I’m glad your body text is better, but your title is way too long. Just use the example I gave you earlier.


You can keep this in the original topic :)


Title: Flying from LAX to SAN - any tips?

Body: I’m about to perform a flight in a FedEx Cessna 208 from Los Angeles to San Diego in Solo. If you have any tips or suggestions for my flight plan or flight in general, feel free to comment them below.

Thank you for your help,


Much more easier to follow. And the title isn’t the size of a topic.

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That’s no long haul.

Well the 208 is slow