Long Group flight in Hawaii?

Does anyone want to fly with me in the Hawaii region from PHTO to PHNL (might change if the wind pattern changes at time of flight) This is an around 240 nm flight so cruising altitude would be at 30,000. Come in any generic livery narrow body aircraft This flight will be at 6:00pm MST (8pm Eastern, 5pm West coast time). Comment on this topic of you are interested. This is not an official “Event”

Please use the proper format for #live:events

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I’ll just put it in regular live, this is not an official event

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Flight is in 2 hours and 10 minutes

ayy hit me up

Are you coming?

ill be there
what server?

Awesome! It will be on the playground server

ill b tehre

I will be there

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Ya me too I’ll be there

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Will be there.

To everyone coming, meet at PHTO at any GATE in a generic livery of a narrow body aircraft. My call sign is HOP7, copy my flight plan, I will be leading the flight so I will be the first to takeoff at runway 08. After take off climb to cruise altitude at 30,000 ft. We will be cruising at 300kts airspeed, during cruise we can fly formations and fly close to each other. Start slowing down at around 115nm out to 250kts airspeed or below. We will be starting descent at around 100nm from destination. We will be landing at runways 08R and 08L At PHNL. Make sure to create spacing for landing ( I will be landing first). After landing we will meet at Parking. See you There!

Event starts in 3 minutes

@Paul_Moore @Jompa @TJ_Moss where are you guys

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