Long Flights

  • Make sure everything’s good and sleep
  • Stay awake

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Would the 787 make it from EGLL to YSSY?

Im like most people, check everything is ok when i reach cruise, set a nice speed so that wind wont effect me and get me violations, put the ipad in a safe place and hope i wake up in time for landing 😂 i like many have woke up and had to take a 2hour journey back to my destination

I watched a replay of one of my flights done like this and I went over Mach 1

Firstly, I love long hauls! The sense of accomplishment I get when the wheels touch the runway upon landing is amazing.

I usually search for a flight, usually one that I haven’t done before (as it’s always fun to explore new places) and work out the flight time, and what time I need to wake up to have time to start descending and land.

When I takeoff, one tip I can give is wait until your aircraft has reached cruise and monitor it for a few minutes to make sure everything is stable. Then double check autopilot is set and NAV is on, and your good to go.


Yeah, I always do them at night cause I can’t use my phone while I’m sleeping anyway. Something like a 4-5 hour flight I do while I’m awake

I tend to do it on the dark and I sleep and then check my replay for anything

i much prefer doing long haul flights starting in the afternoon which ends at late night for example a 12 hours flight begins at 2pm and ends at 2am and i am not asleep for the whole duration of the flight.

i just dislike the stigma that trash haulers are only made for overnight bed time flights, no they are not just made for you to engage AP and go to sleep and just wake up to land it, you will be missing many things such as some cool scenery and monitoring the flight in general including step-climbs,

lets say i am doing a flight from Tokyo Haneda to Paris which is about 12 hours, starting at 2pm i will be monitoring my flight until 5pm and then i go out and spend time outside could be anything like going out with friends or shopping or doing some work or anything etc… while checking LiveFlight between time to time, and i am usually back home at around 8pm which i mostly spend in front yard/back yard but i can still go back to my room between time to time and have a look at my flight and enjoy some scenery and do some step climbs etc,… i usually eat dinner late at 10pm and get back to my room after that so i will have 3 more hours to monitor my flight all the way to the end and during that time from 11pm to 2am i could be doing anything like watching a movie on my Laptop or browsing IFC forum while my iPad is right next to me running IF.

so basically out of 12 hours i am monitoring my flight for 6/7 hours sitting next to my iPad and 6/7 hours away but still monitoring my flight between time to time on LiveFlight ^_^

I did one time a flight from eham (Amsterdam Schiphol) to kjfk (JFK) and i had a early day on school so i takes off in THE monding when i meedeed to go and set HIM in THE Lowes forward speed and when i came home i had 27 mins left so i had a great approch!

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