Long flight

So last night I went on an long flight in so cal on training server 1 as American 34 78 and I saw that the Airbus 321 down to Airbus a319 all have their instruments lit up but I looked at other cockpits at night and relized that the other planes cockpit don’t light up at night why can’t all the planes do that now I know the citation as stuff light up not sure about the new 787s but don’t we think that all the planes cockpit should light up at night

They are older models, soon the cockpit lights will be added to them when they get reworked.

The devs will eventually update every cockpit with lights like the A320 family. Just give it some time. :)

yeah looks like if i want to do night flights i most likely use the citation or airbus 320 fam

I do night flights all the time without interior lighting, those are just for effect. Your actual instruments that you need are always visible.

tru but i just like it for it to be light up to make screenshots better and i like it light up

For the realism, sure I agree.

Are you asking for all planes to have cockpit lights?

Infinite Flight and night mode are not best friends :P i think (hope) they are working to improve night flying.

I just tried and the a321 or a380 both didn’t not have lighted cabin instruments. So I’m not sure about the 320and down but the 321 didn’t. Or is there something in the settings that has to be turned on.

or the 787

yes i think it would be great if all of them had cockpit lights

So is this a feature request?

somewhat so should i put it in the features tab

You have to be TL2 to post in features. Just keep reading and posting and you’ll get there :)

Just did a pretty long flight. EGSS-EGLL, however instead of going direct, headed out over the English Channel towards France, then returning back in over London. It’s a great way of doing it to be honest, because you can climb to around 35,000 for a good 30 minutes before being able to make a slow decent into LHR instead of going direct and having to climb and descend fairly quickly.

Im pretty confused it seems the title is called long flight , but the only thing discussed is cockpit lighting ?


No idea why… I just put it here because I didn’t want to create an additional thread and clutter up the forum.


Yeah dont worry , you didn’t break any rules as you posted it in a thread called “long flights” . I wonder why the conversation went to cockpit lights … haha?