Long Flight

Anybody want to have a long flight with me tonight?
I was thinking Amsterdam , flying a 777-300ER, haven’t drawn up the flight plan yet but I Will if anybody cares to join me. I’ll be on the expert server around 9pmET 8pmCT in the London region whoever wants to join me, pm me or just comment below so I can draw a flight plan up. Happy Flying.

Flight plan is as follows:

Region: Amsterdam

Starting Airport: EHAM

Parking Gates: A43, A45, A46, A48 etc i will be at A43

Cruising altitude: FL 310

Speed: do not exceed 550kts (ground speed)

Destination: EHAM

Distance: 427nm

Aircraft: 777-300ER please use American livery

Communication pilot to pilot will be done in the comments i will let everybody know what to do when to do it…


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Awesome and if u dont want to fly at london let me know if there is a specific region u want to fly, goes for everybody.

Exactly how long will this be?

probably an hour to an hour and a half, depends on what route i choose.

I might join. :)

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Awesome also i will attempt to take screenshot of the flight plan soon and i will upload here to the comments. Screenshots before and after departure if u guys want to take them upload them here so we can all see our beautiful beast lol.

The more specific you are with altitudes and speeds to follow , the better. I might come BTW.

What time in uk (Zulu)

Im going to put all of that in the flight plan it will be here in the comments soon.

0200 2AM Scott_Downey

Flight plan is now up see u guys tonight! Let me know if I missed anything.

i may join but i dont have this plane

That is fine do you have any aircraft that are close to this one?

i have the cargo one is that okay

I could record this event!

which one is that?

that would awesome!

777-200F but i reliezed that its on expert and they did that new xp thing so i wont be able to come

darn sorry man keep me as a friend so when u get to expert we can fly