Long flight

I did my longest flight in infinite flight in a Singapore airlines 777-300er from Chicago to Japan



Once you exit the region you have to hold the throttle on 100% and then hit pause and use the liveflightapp.com th track it

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Like the way you think! Maybe someday there’ll be a way to request regional change, then proceed “finger on throttle” free to next regional gate 😎 Then, at regional gate, request permission to proceed according to flight plan to X.



Your dream is the same as my dream they will both come true some day

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i thought this wasn’t allowed on playground

It is Have you tried it it is really fun

@Tyler_Shelton @Swang007

I thought inter-regional flight wasn’t allowed

On the playground and advanced servers inter-region flights are frowned upon but are allowed. On these servers inter-region flights interfere with atc services. It is recommended that if you want to do an inter-region flight to do it on the free flight server.

It’s also against the IF terms of use

Yes it is but people still do it anyways. For now it is better to just let these flights slide.

can i just leave it all night and rack up the XP :D, jk that would eat my battery

How did you fly that far without switching regions? Im quite new to this but is this only on live?

I’m doing it but it won’t show my plane. Does anyone know why?

And now it kicked me out

Oh well, it is a wrong thing to do so I don’t care

What server did you do that on @Cargoluxgroupceo ?

why you talk about allowed in FF server if we can’t seen this server on liveflight ?

TxtWhat server did you do that on @Cargoluxgroupceo ?