Long flight with a big disaster

Was gonna plop in #support but the more I’ve thought about it, the more I’m certain it’s not a bug and it’s Pilot Error…

So doing my longest long haul a few days ago; 9 hours in the air. I started coming in for landing as normal and everything seemed absolutely fine. Nice easy descent, established on the ILS really smoothly. Disengage autopilot and flared the aircraft as normal. The aircraft leapt back into the air at an awful angle. I tried to rudder it out but it got a few feet more than I thought and as one can probably predict, it ended in various skidding on the runway before eventually crashing. An actual crash. Game over.

I was confused and felt like my first landing experience all over again.

I checked back the game footage and the issue was instantly evident. I hit the runway nose gear first. I rewound it a little and watched the aircraft on the glideslope, completely nose down at the ground at an angle I’ve NEVER seen before.

I’m open to the idea that this is just one of those mad moments but nothing felt wrong the entire time. I was concentrating as always, everything seemed nominal. I was really disappointed, my first landing failure in 3 years on my longest flight.

So my question is… what happened? Was I blinded by the 7 hours of level flight? Was the APPR bugged? Did the game misjudge some angles after flying at that height for that long? Has this happened to anyone before?

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Could you share your replay with us via sharemyinfiniteflight.com?

I don’t think you’ve read the OPs post. He already said it was down to pilot error. He stated that he had flared manually.

@benshikari to me, it almost sounds as if you were too fast on approach or had a headwind. If you did have autopilot enabled prior to the landing, it can reach excessive angles if the aircraft is flying fast. The 757 and 767 for example are notorious for flying with the nose pitched down.

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Sure can! It was on my tablet rather than main device so will dig it out later on and upload!

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just curious… which aircraft was it?

What aircraft and what was your speed

And how far from the runway did you disengage autopilot. It could be a calibration thing


Did you calibrate before turning AP off?

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^I suspect this was the issue. Like let’s say you took off while sitting on the couch. And you came into land while on the couch, but this time laying down. The angle is different, and if you didn’t calibrate before disengaging for landing, the device still acts as though you’re still sitting upright on the couch. Does that example make sense? Was this the issue?

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