Long Flight From London To Canada

I was bored to I decided to leave my iPad on for 6 hours :D
Flight Callsign: Air Canada 1837
Aircraft: Airbus A330-300
Starting Airport: London Gatwick (EGKK)
Destination: Halifax International (CYHZ)
Flight Time: 6 Hours and 12 Minutes
Server: Expert

Getting Ready to Taxi

Cruising at FL280

Starting Initial Decent

On Final

Early, but Butter Landing

Parked at a Cargo Arpon because I was tired
At least I got a lot of XP!


Sorry the pictures are in the wrong order, pretend it didn’t happen.


Nice pictures!, I especially love the last one.

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The first one is great! Shows how cool the 3D buildings are!

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As an observation, for a flight that short, and subsequently I assume quite light, you could probably cruise at about FL360-380. The winds aloft might have a vote.


Amazing, but for this flight it is WestJet that operate. Air Canada operate with a330 to YUL. But Amazing !!!

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Yeah, two of photos are out of order

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Yeah, I agree. The headwinds were a bit strong, and the jet stream through ireland was harder to get through at a harder altitude.

Out of interest what was your cruise speed? Seems like a very long flight time to YHZ but I appreciate it must have been very strong head winds

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It was at FL280 basically the entire time. Could it have been faster at flight level 360 or 380?

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Your speed over the ground will be faster the higher you go. Can you remember how fast you were going! (Mach)

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I was going mach .86 most of the flight.

Thank you!

Yeah, maybe it could be a good infinite flight loading screen!

Man, I really regret this. It just shows how inexperienced I was lol

bro why… I could’ve gotten a violation for that
at least I got good pictures lol