Long Final/Landing approach option in the menu

I’m here today to request a long final or approach button from the menu when you pause in flight. In times when you are practising approaches and you have to exit to the main menu and then start the flight again. So I’m requesting a little ‘shortcut’. Here’s what I mean:

I made the 'approach button a little bigger - just to show the button that I’d like.

This button would take you straight to an approach to the closest runway - sort of what ‘short final’ does - but a longer version.

Thanks for reading! Tell me your thoughts.

Is a very nice idea. It’ll help practice ILS approaches.


I think the longer approach would be good like when we open it from the main menu (Landing).The current “Landing” option is way too close to the treshold


Pretty much what I said there :) @Tim_B

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Good idea @Aussie_Wombat I’d say I have always wanted this!


Lovely idea! Is very annoying exiting from game when you want to do an appr


Any update or response on this from the developers? This is an excellent idea. And from a development perspective, I cannot imagine this would be very difficult to add.


Definitely an overlooked idea. Would be great for solo practicing.

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Or you could just select landing in the spawn menu.

But then you would have to go back out from your flight. Then go into the airport selection get the airport you want, and then press landing then start your flight again and wait for it to load up.

Basically the point of this is to make it simpler.


Yes, I’d like to see this feature. But I don’t see it being added any time soon so you can just use the landing option. And anyway, because you’re in solo you can just use replay to go back to the start.

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Just use replay go to the start and hit live, tada you can repeat these all day long

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I suppose an alternative would be to make the current “short final” start farther away from the runway. At least far enough to unhurriedly adjust settings.


@DJU I made a topic about that. I guess @Aussie_Wombat´s idea and my idea are getting merged. "Short Final" Rework / Fix - Coming In Next Update

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