Long ferry route in 738

Simulated a delivery flight for a Norwegian 738! Overflew the destination and had to turn around, but still had 2 hours of fuel left
Flight time: 10:04

Takeoff from Boeing field

Leaving Canada for Greenland

And now entering Europe

First landing attempt, almost laned on EMAS, go around



Great photos!

Wauw, that’s a long flight!

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Apparently the 737 can ferry like 5500nm, so technically only one fuel stop is needed for any delivery flight

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There’s people that have made it to EGLL from YSSY in the 700BBJ

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Last night I saw a a321 doing EGLL to LAX. FLIGHT level 330. I wished him well on his/her journey.

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nice job,red nose

very nice flight and pics:)

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