Long distance GA flights...circumnavigation of the globe

On the night of Christmas (the 25th not the 24th) I will depart out of KLEX in a TBM-930 and head north to JFK I will then go to goose bay and then south Greenland followed by Iceland and Norway. I am not going to list the entire route so I will just give you a basic view of my route. After Norway, I will shoot down through Europe and head across turkey to Azerbaijan then through the northern middle east and then down into India. once I have crossed India I will head north through southeast Asian jungles eventually crossing into Japan. I will fly to northern Japan then to eastern Russia. I will fly into the middle of Kamchatka and then head out into the Aleutian islands. once I make it into Alaska I will head down south eventually reaching Vancouver. I will fly across the west and central us until I am back in my hometown KLEX exactly where I started from the same GA ramp.

I am going to do this without ever turning my phone off, it will be one long simulation session.
I am getting an iPhone X tomorrow so that will enable me to push my iPhone 6s to its limits on this journey.

what are some long-haul GA routes you guys like to fly? My personal favorite is the North Atlantic crossing via Greenland and Iceland.


Sounds like a cool project.
Let us know how you proceed and update us on your next hop. Maybe someone wants to join you for part of your flight.

Just a note that IF can get a bit laggy during a multi-hop flight.


I believe that if you fly a certain amount of hours, your throttle maybe cut. Wouldn’t want that to happen. I think that’s above 30 hours though

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Thanks for the alert! I will be sure to monitor my aircraft on its journey.

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