Long cross country flight with C172!

Joining to GA FNF and decided to do long XC flight with C172!
Flight Info : C172, Callsing N828KS, KOAK to CYTJ, estimate flight time 6 hours


Dang, are you using autopilot or are you hand flying it?

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I’m using LNAV(HDG), ALT, V/S That’s it. I leave throttle about 2500RPM and let it fly!

Ok, cool
Have fun!!

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Thank you! And if you are flying or planing to fly today I hope you will have fun too!

Thank you, I will!

Awesome picture, and good luck on the flight! 😄

Hey man! Fantastic shot you have there, would you mind taking the shot in replay mode and then editing your topic? The rules state no HUD.


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Thank you for information! So should I repost the same picture later on in here? Or make another topic or just be careful with it from next time I do?

I think it will be fine this time, just remember for the future!

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I’ll do so! Thank you once again!