Long Callsigns

I found something that can really annoy people and should be bannable or at least should be fixed in the new update. You can have REALLY long Callsigns that can truly be a problem for people on Infinite Flight Live. I think the max amount of letters and numbers should be 15. Please make this happen. :)


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A simple solution: Limit the number column to 4 numbers. You don’t see any call sign numbers bigger that do you?

No, but there can be.

On IF- On course you see longer. I think a 5 digit call sign is extremely rare in real life though.

True… I guess it should just be limited to 10 then, because some people combine letters Into words, like I do.

15 is very much, 10 also too much, 5 too short;
Let’s say maximum 7/8

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Is for the GA one? That is limited to 9 anyway. The numbers for the airline all signs should be limited to 4/5 though…

This is an issue due to a bug in the Callsign selection page. We fixed it for the next update (don’t ask when it comes, you already know our answer ;p)