Long Beach to Centennial FNF || Corporate Citation X

With a long weekend comes some extra time for Infinite Flight! Enjoyed ATC coverage this afternoon out of Long Beach Airport and made great time to Centennial Airport in Colorado. Tailwinds and the great high-altitude performance of the Citation resulted in a cruise at FL370 at Mach 0.78.

Flight Info
  • Cessna Citation X
  • KLGB to KAPA
  • Cruise: 37,000 @ Mach 0.78
  • Expert Server
  • ATC Coverage: Ground, Tower, Los Angeles Center

Now for the photos

On takeoff roll, crossing runway 30 as the engines spool up to takeoff thrust

Banking north for departure with the mountains in the background

Scenic camera doing what it does best — continuing our bank north, performing a 180 degree turn

Favorite image of the flight, getting the coastline in and framing the aircraft perfectly

Tuning into LA Center as we pass through FL180

Flying high above Lake Powell in Utah, the desert sand making the blue water stand out even more

Enjoying a spectacular view of the Grand Canyon from FL370

Banking as we prepare for descent over the Colorado Rockies

Managing to get a extremely smooth textbook landing in Centennial, battling crosswinds and turbulence as afternoon storms develop in the region

Lightly edited as always. Let me know which one was your favorite!

Rock77 out


These are some amazing pictures :)

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Awesome pictures! I love that livery on the CCX

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Nice to see you enjoyed GA, as we were not too much so. Amazing pics too!

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Thanks! Glad you liked them :)

Lovely shots!

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Thank you!

Amazing shots, especially the fourth! Always loved that livery on the Citation, and definitely a fun plane to fly.

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Thanks - 4 is definitely my favorite. Absolutely! It’s a great plane and livery combination

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I’m 90% sure that’s Lake Powell. It sits kinda on the border with Utah and Nevada. Great shot.

Good catch. It is Lake Powell, which is technically over the border from Arizona in Utah :) Guess I’ll fix that now

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Yeah. I assumed it was because I’ve been there about 30 times. I’d say I’m well acquainted to the shape of it. Beautiful aerial view of one of the US’s best lakes.

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