Long Beach Spotting

As my first spotting trip of the year, I decided to spot at Long Beach airport instead of Los Angeles because why not. I was able to catch some pretty good aircraft. Let’s get into the pictures.

Southwest 737-700 from Las Vegas

Sun Country 737-800 taxiing to Runway 30

Sun Country departing to El Paso

Southwest 737-700 departing to Sacramento

A second Sun Country 737-800 also heading to El Paso

Another Southwest 737-700 heading to Phoenix

Southwest 737-MAX8 arriving from Reno

Southwest 737-800 heading to San Jose

Southwest “California One” heading to Oakland

Thanks for viewing!


SICK! I saw the Sun Country 737 Take Off. Wish I saw the national 757

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It hasn’t left yet

Can’t go see it right now

It’s taking off as we speak

It is taking off

Co u know who/what is going to El Paso that needs a 757F and 2 737s

Very nice photos!

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