Long Atlantic Flying KJFK-GVAC

Day 2 of 20.3 brought us a very fun IFATC region, that being the Cabo Verdean islands. Located just west of Africa, the archipelago is home to Cabo Verde Airlines. This was an awesome flight, I would definitely recommend it if you have a lot of time on your hands!

Airline/Aircraft: Cabo Verde 752
Flight Time: 6:10
Server: Expert

Now on to the pics!

Starting the flight loading up passengers and cargo for our flight over to the Cabo Verde Islands

Climbing out of KJFK, with a sweet tower view

Cruising at FL380 as we fly over the Atlantic for all of our journey

Starting out decent as we see the northern most island of Santo Antão

Making our final bank with the gorgeous sunset in the background

Gear down on final

Touchdown with some hefty crosswinds

Rolling up to the gate after a long day’s flight

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The 757 just incredible! Amazing photos my friend