Long 737 flight

A long flight on a 737-8, SBGR - KEFD. Was VERY light on pax and cargo. The flight took just over 9.5 hours. No air-to-air photos this flight. Maybe next time…


That‘s really quite a distance for a B737! The GOL livery is also looking really nice with the bright colours :) Thanks for sharing!

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That’s impressive, 9.5 hrs on 737-8!
The longest I attempted flying 737-8 was Miami to Amsterdam I believe and barely made it with 2% fuel remaining.
I just made it with some PA and light cargo thanks to strong tailwinds en route.

Apparently the world longest scheduled flight for commercial aircraft 737-8 currently is Gol from Orlando to Brasilia. Some 2800 nm.

I remember doing a 10 hour flight in a fully loaded 737 taking off from Santo Dumont. That was a challenging takeoff.

Flap 25, holding the brakes until thrust at maximum, etc…


In one word - TOGA
Nice shots @Penn414!