Lonely @ TBPB

Well, it looks like @nk1021 and I are the only ones here at TBPB.

I need a companion here because it’s pretty lonely here and @nk1021 probably feels the same way, he is probably depressed right now because I’m his only friend.

Good job, @nk1021, you are awesome!

If want to make TBPB busy, I suggest you create an event Fly-out for a particular day through the #live:events Category. It’s the unfortunate truth. It all depends on the scenery, and the opened regions with live Air Traffic Control.

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Because all either fly in or out of busy hubs of the day.

True; people flock to KLAX and EGLL on TS and CS…people flock to the first airport mentioned on each day of the schedule (most of the time) on ES…today, its TNCM…and it leaves great airports underrated and IFATC controllers on patrol at these airports lonely.

It makes me sad.

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I’m there! Me and my friend will fly to JFK soon, so stay there!

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I’m glad that people like you are brazen enough to go out into the great unknowns of Infinite Flight. It’s a big task.

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Haha. I opened TBPB because 1) I’m currently living 1 mile from the airport and can see my house in IF from tower view and 2) because it wouldn’t be busy.

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Please check your message inbox🙏🏼

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