Lonely cargo - POST your freighter shots -

- come one come all :) POST your quiet Cargo terminal shots -

Eerily & unusually quiet at EHAM. Quarantine’s been a debbie :/ health to all!!

Using Martinair 62/86 call-sings in the MD-11F, flying a fun cargo loop (gotta love that big lady’s cargo doors open) Cross-wind landing into RWY06 was dicey in this beast, I’ll try to get some good replay s/s after. Managed V/S -192 but i suspect i blew the landing zone… float… :/

Expert server, 01:30 ZULU, LOWL - EHAM time en-route 1H16Min / EHAM - LOWL ?

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Yeahhh I hate to be that guy, but the point of the category is to let people post their own screenshots and topics, instead of one crowded thread. Also, the runway numbers violates the rules of the category. Again, I’m sorry to be that guy, but we’ll see if the kids allow it :)


all good… we’ll see if it flies :D

instruct me further teacher, I must learn

Not turning this into a photo posting thread