Lone Star State to the District City

Hey IFC! Today I attended one of @KBUR_Aviation’s events at KDAL. Many people were there including @GameBoy_KIRB, @T.Malone, @USA_ATC, with @Aviation2929 and @MJP_27 at ATC.
Plus a lot of people flying patterns like @SamC and @NathanD.
(Sorry if I forgot to mention you, I didn’t see everyone there).
So anyways, here is the info about the flight:

Server: Training
Airline/Aircraft: Alaska A320
Route: KDAL to KSFO
Flight Time: 3h 27mn

At the terminal at Dallas Love Field

Holding short RWY 13R

Departing out of Dallas

Of course if the moon is out, you take a picture!

Flying over the panhandle

Crossing the Rockies

Mono Lake just before the Sierra Nevadas

Turning onto final RWY 28L at SFO

A 787 holding short

Parked at the gate

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And as always, thanks for stopping by!


Oh no. Looks like he passed the hold short line😬

Maybe not though


Oh no he definitely did. I was getting ready to go around but then he stopped 😂


Great moonshot right there! The Sierra Nevada and Rocky Mountain ranges always look great from the air


Thank you!
Yes they are great mountain ranges. (SoCal is great too, but I’m biased lol)

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Awesome photos! I was the Alaska 739 parked next to you!

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I love the pictures, keep up the great work!


@T.Malone yes I saw that!

@Shane thank you!

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