Lone Star One

Bumping! Because why not? We need more votes!

Definitely not biased towards Texas. Nope. Where would you get that idea?

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Is the Southwest Lone Star One going to be added to the Boeing 737-700 Soon

Devs haven’t said anything. But if we want a chance at that, we gotta vote!

The lone star one is now the 700 series.

Very nice livery for the 737-700

Lets get this into IF, we need some Texan pride!


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We seriously need this. Without question. Replace Illinois One with this.


Bumpity bumpity

  • This was the first special livery made by Southwest to dedicate a state.
  • Southwest has its HQ in Texas.
  • Texas is the best state ever. (definitely not biased cause I live here)

Given these reasons, it’s just common sense to add this beautiful livery!

Yeah its a very nice looking livery!! 👌


Y’all we need this.

Also Happy Holidays!

I’m voting for this

@AviationFreak 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀


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@AviationFreak It’s a southwest special livery though you might like it to Come in the game

Ye but I don’t like this one as much as the other ones

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We need this!

🗳 Voted! Would love to see this in the sim one day.

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Voted. God bless Texas (insert Texas flag emoji because it sadly doesn’t exist and it’s a shame)

Just do Chile, 90% wouldn’t notice