Lone Star One

🇨🇱 Lone Star one!

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Haha yes, you did it!

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That’s not a bad idea 😂

God bless Texas 🇨🇱


Texas, REPRESENT! Let’s get a great livery of the best country- I mean, state ever!

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Ordering this today

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NICE! I need to get myself one of those and a Freedom One when it comes out.

As a born and raised texan myself, I would also love to see this in IF

That looks cool Ethan, when is it coming to you?

@Matteo_Lavigne1 3 to 7 business days

New Tail looks better in my opinion

Yeah idk I just grabbed a pic off the internet 🙃

Saw this yesterday departing out of SAT bound for TPA.

I ordered it

We need this or the Freedom One (or both)

Both are absolute fire 🔥 but let’s at least get one

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🎵There’s a beautiful plane in Texas I’m flying there to see

Have to vote for this

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We already have Illinois One Shamu One and many other Southwest Liveries on the 737-700 so let’s get Lone Star One on the list

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I just saw this beautiful story on Instagram

All credit goes to @zfwaviation


Man how did I not know about this?

One of the reasons I love Southwest is how much they respect veterans and active duty servicemen. And to top it off, they did so by using one of the best liveries in the world.


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