London Weekend Fly Around @ EGBB - 301000ZJAN16

Location: *London
Server: ATC Playground
Time: Saturday 10am 30th
Plane: Easy Jet, Thomson, Thomas Cook, British Airways, Fly Be, Ryanair And Jet 2 Only
NOTAM: My Tag- N482VN, Have Fun, Don’t Drive through anyone, 4 engine jets only at Gatwick and Heathrow

I’ll fix it in a few minutes guys;)

What airport is this at?

London atc playground

The Airport?

mainly birmingham

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im hopeing for people to go to gatwick

What time zone are you in? Can you convert it to Zulu time?

You can only use British Airways on that list as you said 4 engines planes only ;)

Everyone no 4 engine jets apart from at Gatwick and Heathrow we will report you if you do

15 mins to go

We have started

My tag n482vn I’m flying to London Luton now

aha, hello @N482VN i was on EGBB tower & ground since just before 1000 an still am on. Haven’t done atc for a few months so hopefully not too bad for you all. There were one or two mistakes (accidentally sending instrictions to wrong aircraft once) but I thought I was ok. Hope you enjoyed your flights!