London to the Planet MoibergIFZZZ44.77 in 10 replay screenshots

Well, I surprised you there. Normally opting for the super realistic flight numbers, routes and planes, sometimes you just can’t help yourself and had to use the space glitch. Photos taken in order of flight progress - 1 departure and 10 was taken moments before the camera finally gave up and I headed out further into the stars in the fine aircraft on the casual server.

I had a call from my mates Mr and Mrs ZobberZobberGoig on the planet MoibergIFZZZ44.77 - they’ve run out of Space Fizz. Therefore, I had to ask DHL if they would lend me one of their Cessna 208s - they said yes. I took off from Gatwick to get some more Space Fizz to my friends and of course this Caravan was well suited. Flightradar24 couldn’t provide any details on historical flights of this type to use for guidance, so I had to just go with the flow without much planning. The aircraft was smooth all the way and landed safely on Planet MoibergIFZZZ44.77 but sadly the plane doesn’t work any more and I’m stuck on this planet with my friends. Luckily, the cargo survived, I still have the device and the internet connection is rather good! That means I can at least share this flight.

Good times.


How on “earth” did you do that?!


Eye see what you did there! ;-)


Nice I always wanted to go to space!


Cool pictures and funny backstory @Helmethead! And you and @Suhas are super Punny.


Great pictures mate, that made my day.

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How high were you in that 208


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how did you do it.

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There’s a little bug (which is quite cool) but it doesn’t always happen. There are a few threads on it I think but I did it this way:

  • Start flight on casual server (just in case of violations).
  • Take off, set altitude autopilot.
  • Disconnect device from the internet (flight mode). The idea being that I.F falls off their servers.
  • Leave the app open but drop it out of use. Open up another app and use it for a minute or so.
  • Go back into I.F, reconnect to the internet and wait for I.F to fall back into the server.
  • End flight.

Go to the replay and there is a chance strange things may happen. If not, keep trying. I hope they never fix this 👍🏻👍👍🏼👍🏽👍🏾👍🏿