London to Sydney in a TBM *found what I needed so no need for replys*

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help try and plan fuel stops for London to Sydney in a TBM?

Climb to 130,000 feet and do it nonstop in 3 hours :p


It has a range of 1,500 miles on a full tank, if that helps. Look on a map with a distance key. Can’t help at the moment

Think about the wind direction tho

Would you not stall?

Do what @Altaria55 said and PM me for more details 😂

Seriously though. I did it with the XCub.

That’s if you want to do it nonstop.

I will obs wanna do some stops though

Wow! That’s one hell of a flight! Not sure personally. I would say go through Asia but not sure.

Hey, I can definitely help you plan some fuel stops. PM me and I’ll help out.

You can find suitable airports using the range mapper for the TBM

I see two ways to do this. Play it safe through Asia, and down through Indonesia.
Or, you could do the fun and rather risky way. Go via Oman or Somalia onto the Maldives and through India to Sri Lanka. You should just be able to reach Thailand from there, and then proceed down through Indonesia.
I’d probably choose the latter, it’s more fun, and you need to plan ahead since you’ll have to avoid a headwind.


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