London to Stuttgart and back in 10 replay screenshots.

Taking to the air today on the expert server with Eurowings on their 11 year old Airbus A319 as we travel on flight EW2461 from London Heathrow Airport, UK (LHR: EGLL), to Stuttgart Airport, Germany (STR: EDDS) and back again on the return flight EW2462 with a quick turnaround as the passengers and their luggage are offloaded and a new lot get on ready for the return leg to London. Photos taken in order of progress - 1 being departure from London, 5 as we head out of Stuttgart again and 10 as we arrive back into Heathrow.

It was just over an hour on the outbound and an hour and twenty on the return to London. Amongst the passengers en route to Germany was a stag do of 25 guys who were off to celebrate with the groom for 3 days of partying before he gets married in a couple of weeks time. It was pretty windy out there today - both legs were very bumpy and wobbly and the plane was being bounced about quite a lot. For safety the seat belt signs were kept on throughout the entire duration of both legs. We landed in Stuttgart, runway 07R and then 09R back into Heathrow.

We had the whole airport to ourselves in Germany which is always nice to have a little explore as well. I haven’t been there before and it was easy to navigate and find the taxiways and parking. It’s a neat little airport with some greenery and surrounding hills and landscape.

Good times.



Nice photos and detail! I wish there were more Eurowings liveries in IF :(

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Love the pictures, and Eurowings! Great route too!

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I really liked your pictures

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Airbus for the win!. Beautiful scenery and photos!!

Keep it up

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