London to Spain in 10 replay screenshots

This Airbus A320-232 has just completed the daily scheduled flight from London Heathrow Airport (LHR: EGLL), London, United Kingdom to A Coruña Airport, Culleredo, Spain (LCG: LECO) on Vueling flight 7105. Just a touch over 6 years old, the plane and the 2 IAE V2527-A5 engines powering it about the place are still pups in terms of age and will no doubt continue to serve this highly reliable and popular aircraft for many years to come.

The normal running time is about an hour and a half on this flight but we did it just under 1hr 25mins with a nice little tailwind over the English Channel and through the Bay of Biscay and finally touching down on the northwestern coastline of Spain. Smooth running throughout with next to no turbulence made for a very pleasant flight and a good chance to have close look at the marvellous Vueling livery. It’s a Spanish a low cost airline that runs a good fleet of A319, A320 and A321 aircraft, based mainly in Barcelona but with bases around Europe on its popular routes and destination.

No ATC at either airport today and very flight traffic on the expert server on this area. A quick departure from LHR runway 09R saw us straight onto runway 22 in A Coruña Airport with the flight path taking us straight in with no delays, which is always nice.

Taken in order of flight progress - 1 is departure and 10 landing with time varied throughout.

Good times.


Nice shots! Especially loved the last two 😍

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Awesome! Does Vueling actually fly that route with a 320? That would be cool if I did, love all of them btw!

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Thanks, yes Vueling does fly the A320 on this route - it’s a replica trip using all the same elements of the real flight 🙂

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Last two are fire!

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