London to Singapore in 10 replay screenshots.

We departed London Heathrow Airport, London, UK (LHR: EGLL) last night on Singapore Airlines flight SQ319 bound for Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore (SIN: WSSS). Keeping the realism as much as possible, scheduled departure for SQ319 is 20:50 and we were lifting off at 21:20 to complete our 12 hour 46 minute journey on my favourite Infinite Flight aircraft - the Boeing 777-300(ER). Shots are taken in flight progress order from takeoff to landing and time of day varied on some.

Airspace at Heathrow was quiet and we were departing with 2 other aircraft waiting behind us for departure - a Qatar Airways triple seven and a 737 (livery unknown). The flight was smooth overall and slightly windy into Singapore with a bit of wobble going on but nothing abnormal and no other traffic at all in Singapore.

Good times.


Very nice pictures, good job!


10/10 @Helmethead

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Great shots! 8th best.

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wow what beautiful pictures

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Nice photos!!. Keep it up

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Buttery Landing

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Nice pictures!

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amazing pics, what device did you use for these screenshots? the graphics look amazing

nice edits!

HD scenery! 🤩 Nice photos! 😄