London to Perth direct in 10 replay screenshots

This new feature is absolutely epic - there are so many possibilities it really does boggle the mind - it’s a game changer. Anyway, I took loads of shots of replay progressing through but here is my 10 photo limit from departure at Heathrow to touchdown in Perth. I didn’t get near to what was possible to capture throughout the 16.5 hours. They are taken in ballistic graphic mode but the resolution had to be dimmed down to 40 MP to upload here. Taken in order but I changed the light around a bit to see what it’s like :-)



Some incredible images there!

Happy flying!


Amazing scenary, well done 😍

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Great photos 😁👌🏽

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These pictures are amazing!

Could you please tell me where picture number 6 is? I need to go there.

Thanks! I think it was on the middle eastern coast nearing Oman/ Dubai. I’ve deleted them now so can’t check exactly, but when you take a screenshot on playback it saves it in your photo locations as if you had taken it yourself wherever you are in the world, so you can track exactly where it was taken. Pretty neat feature.

Ok thanks I’ll have to try and go find it.

Yeah I know that’s a cool feature, I am very happy the devs added that 😃