London to Paris in 9 replay screenshots

Snaps taken in order of progress - 1 is departure and 9 arrival.

A spontaneous one tonight on the expert server as we departed a windy and blustery London Heathrow (London, UK) bound for Paris Charles de Gaulle (Paris, France) in this cool little A319. The 40 minute journey on British Airways flight 328 saw us hit 24,000 feet for a relatively small amount of time before making our descent into France. Crossing the English Channel, there were a few other early evening flights going on as well this evening. Flying conditions were very windy tonight and after a solid 3 days of rain and storms here in the UK we were taking extra care in the wet conditions,

Among the 137 passengers tonight were a very excited group of 14 ladies on their way to Paris for an evening of cheese and wine tasting before heading back tomorrow evening having spent the day having lunch and a nice little trip up the Eiffel Tower to see some of the city sights before returning home tomorrow night on BA 327.

Good times.


Particularly on the First 3 and the Fifth, I’d recommend toning down on the editing a bit. They are excellent shots, but I feel over editing and excessive tone has ruined them slightly.

Otherwise, excellent pictures!


Great shots mate, keep up the great work.

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Pretty good!

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The third photo looks like the country side is on fire!

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I admit it was a bit of a rushed job this one instead of the usual, all done and dusted within the hour. Ahem, sorry I mean of course the passengers took priority and we let them off first before looking back at the replay…

The 2nd picture, 2 towns east is where I live.

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erm…wot xD

in what way is this aviation related???

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Cheese and wine tasting? Sorry, I actually meant those 14 ladies were going to Paris to build a giant Airfix kit, James May Toy Stories style. It’s easy enough to get the two confused.

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1,7,8 are best

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