London to Nice

EGLL at this time was packed so much that when I was ATC there, I had 200 operations done when I was ATC for 18 minutes.

The landing was very bad in my opinion because I had a sore arm. I could of used APPR, but I didn’t want to.


Nice photos!

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Yeah, “Nice” photos. lol

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Didnt notice that😂

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Beautiful pictures

Dude, Nice looks nice

“Nice” looking “nice”. Lol

Interesting aircraft/livery choice…
Nice screenshots tho

Thanks! I get my flight from FR24 to make it really realistic

I meant interesting aircraft choice because that is not a very realistic choice…

There was a 737 that ONCE did that route. But IG the plane don’t do the route anymore.

It’s just because technically the livery in game is not British airways, but if you look closely it’s actually Comair, which was a South African airline that has a partnership- with BA for some reason

Thanks for the info. The route was actually did by a A320, but I was TIRED of flying the A320, so I did the 737.

Nice looks nice! lol

when I saw the topic name I was gonna make that joke just to realize people already said it 🙁

anyways nice shots

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