London to New York in 10 replay screenshots

Delta Airlines is the carrier and we are have a fully loaded cabin on this Airbus A330-300. Flexing the wings of N825NW on this rainy, windy day in England, we departed London Heathrow Airport (LHR: EGLL) bound for John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York (KJFK: JFK) on Delta Airlines flight DL2. There was no rush to depart Heathrow with no other users on the ground and it gave a chance to do a bit of spotting as a couple of inbound aircraft were landing and finishing off their journeys from Singapore. Shots are taken in order of progress - 1 being departure and 10 arrival and time of day varied on some. Flight time: 7 hours 19 minutes.

It was very gusty on departure and turbulent until we were over an hour in and had cleared Ireland and hit the open ocean. Constant headwinds of almost 100 kts over the Atlantic for the first few hours meant that the fuel consumption wasn’t the best and our cruising speed wasn’t as high as normal, keeping the speed at the higher end without veering too near the overspeed markers. Winds settled down a bit as we made progress but there was still a good 60-70 kts headwind to deal with and big wind shear on landing. We got her down though and all the passengers were happy.

It’s my first proper flight on the A330 since the rework and it has been a great improvement to ye old retro slightly wooden one from before and the physics are on form and much appreciated.

I hope you had a pleasant flight to New York today and wish you a pleasant stay or onward journey.

Good times.


Amazing, great screenshots, keep the good work mate, are so fantastic.

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Very nice!. Keep it up!

I believe you mean A330-300. :)

Great Photos! Absolutely one of my favorite routes to fly.

I certainly did, good spot! Edited to make it good :-)

Great screenshots

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Thanks. I’m pretty sure I saw you (or another user with a similar name) along the way - might be wrong though!

Probably another user, my name is ima bird kaakaa

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