London to Manchester - A Single Shot Timelapse

YHere is a short video I made on a short flight from EGLL - EGCC. This was taken from @ran and @MJP_27 ‘s “ The London-Heathrow Flyout Tribute Event! @EGLL


Plane: British Airways A319
Route: EGLL -> EGCC
Server: Expert
Time: October 3rd 2020 @ 1700Z

Anyways here is the video:

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still don’t know why the timelapse was so dim


Perhaps you might want to turn up the brightness (not sure if that is affecting the dimness.) Besides the dim video, I LOVE this! The angle you got on the aircraft is just awesome, just like the time-lapse! I hope you make another on soon!


It’s not dim but has a black tint on it, either way, good timelapse :)

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Nicely done! I like the camera angle you used!

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Thanks for the nice comments guys!