London to Lisbon in 10 replay screenshots

A spontaneous one today as I picked up FlightRadar24 to see what imminent flights are due to depart from London Heathrow and spotted a TAP Air Portugal due to head out soon, so that was the chosen one. Shots taken in progress order (1 takeoff, 10 landing) with a sunset approach into Lisbon.

CS-TNH, a 20 year old Airbus A320-214 will be taking us to Humberto Delgado Airport, Lisbon, Portugal on TAP flight TP1359 from London today on the expert server with a flight time of around the 2 hour mark expected. Flying conditions and weather in London are excellent and we are up and running with a smooth departure and a nice cruise at 34,000 feet.

Due to head straight into runway 21 at LPPT, it was red out and out of use so some gradual banking nearing neighbouring airports Sintra and Cascais saw us touching down on runway 03 instead. It was quite a windy approach into the airport and I was preparing for the potential for a go around after big wind sheer on final but we made it down first attempt which is always ideal.

We landed on time and passengers were well behaved and the lovely family of 3 sitting in seats 15D, 15E and 15F asked the stewardess very kindly for a photo with myself and the co-pilot and we had our snap taken in the terminal before they headed away on their holiday. Flight time was 2 hours 3 minutes. A crew change, refuel, safety checks and a clean and re-stock later and the aircraft is ready for its next flight which will be going to Frankfurt.

Good times.


Great shots!


Love the picture, however I also love the story you put behind it! Nice work!


Is it me or do the flaps not look down?

I only use flaps on very rare occasions, that is to slow the plane down in segments on descent if really needed :-)

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You need to use flaps otherwise you will stall. I can imagine you landed at something above 180 knts. Ideally according to IF you need to be around 120-130 knts for landing. I use 1/4 flaps 10 miles, 1/2 7.5 miles, 3/4 5 miles, and full flaps 3 miles. I have autospeed on 140 which gives me a good time to flare and lands smoothly.

I always land around the 130-150 mark depending on the aircraft and have never stalled apart from in the very early days of using I.F. Using the throttle, landing gear wind resistance and other variables is ample enough through all the aircraft for me. Been flying it for several years now that way :-)

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I haven`t seen this video because Youtube is blocked by my school.

You should always use flaps during a landing. I imagine you have a high amount of power (50%+) and a high flare, as seen in all of your photos.