London to Kigali!

Well, everyone says it a lot, but African scenery is truly amazing! Here is a nice photo dump of my flight from London to Kigali aboard the RwandAir A330!

Flight info:
Route: EGLL - HRYR
Flight time: 7hrs 59mins
Server: Expert

We begin our journey at gate 328, Terminal 3 at LHR!

A lovely shot of our departure out of Heathrow with the iconic tower in the background!

Amazing views as we pass over the French alps!

Cockpit views as we enter Africa

Is it just me or the scenery here looks like the ocean 😂

More breathtaking views on approach to Kigali!

Cockpit view on short final!

Touchdown in Kigali!

Parked up after an amazingly scenic flight :)

I definitely recommend this route, perfect for long flights, and packed with scenery all the way through!


Great pictures and nice flying! I love the picture over the French Alps! That part of the world is always so interesting.

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Yep, I always love flying over the alps, in real life it’s even better!

Wow! I’ve never flown over the Alps in real life, but I have seen Greenland and the mountains of Norway, which are also amazing!

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Haha, I’ve never flown over Greenland or Norway, but as a person who lives in the UK, i take a lot of flights over the alps! I would love to see Norway or Greenland sometime!

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