London to Dublin @EGLL0601300ZAUG19

Hi guys, I think that Dublin International is really understated in the community, and because of this I’m organizing a wee flight from Heathrow to Dublin.

Some tips

Where? Heathrow terminal 5 and 3.
Runway? 09R
When? 06/08/19
Time? Zulu 1300
Livery? AerLingus
Plane? A320
Weight? Normal
Cruising ALT? 28,000
Speed? (Flaps 1) V1-125 V2-130 V3-134 Cruising Speed-320 Speed ascending- 200
Takeoff spacing? (hopefully) we want people rolling within 30 seconds of one another
VS ascent? VS +2000
VS decent? VS -1500
How much left until descent begins? 17 mins
Server? Expert

Book your gate now and could we try get some decent ATC operators at Dublin?

Hopefully people will be interested in this if you have any questions please ask in commoners section. Thanks!

-TheIrishGuyWhoWantsHis NationalAirlineSomeRecognition

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I put a fair bit of effort into this so please consider. Thanks :P

Hey group flight must be within 3 hours of posting…

I don’t follow?

The flight has to be within 3 hours of posting when using #live:groupflights. If you want to have the flight on the 6th, you’ll have to post in #live:events. But as you are TL1 and you need to be TL2 to post there, you’re not following the #live:groupflights guidelines.


To follow them you need to be aware/know them… I’ll take this down

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If your last group topic thread was closed it’s not advised to make a duplicate of it again.

So should I just leave it open or what?

In the title, it says that it’s for the 6th. Posting it tomorrow will still be violating the guidelines.

Ahh okay, wasnt paying attention, thanks

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So I should take it down and reupload a similar on the sixth at Z 1000

Flag this one for closure, and if you want, re post it on the 6th at 1000Z

I’ll just take it down and it’ll be back up in the 6th

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