London to Buenos Aires in 10 replay screenshots.

Most of the 13.5 hour flight was spent cruising over the vast expanse of the North Atlantic ocean on the expert server on this almost 19 year old British Airways Boeing 777-236ER on what is the only directly flown route between Heathrow and Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires, being flight BA245. A late night departure saw quite a few other aircraft around the London region, including another group flight of 747s that happened to be travelling to neighbouring Uruguay on a similar route.

These ageing Rolls Royce 895s were still running sweetly and supping that fuel well, leaving us with enough in reserve for any unforseen circumstances even after the long flight. Luckily, all went to plan and the passengers were a happy bunch but were still thankful to get back onto solid ground after all that time in the air ready for the full day ahead.

Good times.


Awesome Photos! Just out of interest, when was that because I was also flying between London and South America 2 days ago and I noticed a 777 near me flying from Heathrow to Argentina so I’m thinking that might’ve been you!

Thanks! It was last night into this morning, so it wasn’t me.

Oh, That’s a shame. Anyways, those are some cool photos!

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Really nice! Like pictures 1 & 6

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Awesome! I flew from london to Santiago once. It was great!

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Now imagine shot 6 with some cirrus clouds😍😍

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really liked that first picture! nice job

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