London to Bangkok new video!

Hey everyone, I uploaded a new video of my flight from London to Bangkok!
I am new to youtube so it gives me pleasure to have feedback, thank you!

new thumbnail


I like it, but idk if it’s my phone, but it’s kinda laggy.


I agree, the camera movement in general is pretty laggy on my end

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Same here, it might be the recording software

Ok thank you for your feedback, I’ll try to fix this for the next videos 👨‍✈️

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Nice video thumbnail, better designed than many other videos I saw.
Finally no more “country outline filled with country flag” design.


i will upload a new vid tonight of my flight from Los angeles to Auckland, i will try to fix the lag problem, i hope it will be good !

i just finsihed the video of my KLAX-NZAA flight! I hope you will enjoy it, the arrival in Auckland is beautiful ! 👨‍✈️