London to Bali in 10 replay screenshots

Garuda Indonesia originally introduced the London/Jakarta direct route a few years ago on flight GA87. A while of operating this flight saw small benefits for the airline - there were stories of running almost empty planes and some passengers reported buying an economy ticket and getting a whole large section of the 777-300ER cabin to themselves. Great for passengers but not so great for the airline.

As of earlier this year, they replaced the London to Jakarta route with a London to Bali direct leg instead, departing London Heathrow Airport, London, UK (LHR: EGLL) and landing in Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali, Indonesia (DPS: WADD) which they are still doing today, apparently yielding slightly better results. The catch is that you have to return to London via Jakarta, meaning a hop from Bali first. They do have an oddball approach to this but are finding their best way of connecting the UK and Indonesia.

Anyway, I’ve done the routes a few times on here and documented the latest one - GA87 from London to Bali on the expert server. Keeping the realism as much as possible, our flight time was 14 hours 46 minutes which is on time with the real thing. Step climbing from 31/33/35/37 thousand feet and a slow climb departure to keep the heavy, fuel laden bird stable which is my preference. It was a struggle to keep to the 10 photo maximum because there was so much nice scenery on the way, but rules are rules and here are my top 10 picks, taken in order as the flight progressed and some slight time of day changes here and there. Shot 1 is departure from London and shot 10 arrival into Denpasar.

Good times.




Nice shots you got there

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Amazing pics!

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When did you depart from London real time? I would appreciate it if you put it as Zulu time :) I think I might have seen you

That makes sense, I sure saw you!

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nice pic, I loved it good job

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