London to Amman in 10 replay screenshots




A very good afternoon to you ladies and gentlemen and welcome aboard Royal Jordanian flight RJ112 bound for Amman.


You are being whisked across the skies today in JY-BAA, an almost 8 year old Boeing 787-8 which Royal Jordanian has had since new. We’re sporting the great brown and gold livery (one of my favourites) on a route I have flown may times in real life with both RJ on the 787-8 and British Airways on their scabby old A321. RJ please.


Our route today saw us depart out of the UK over the English Channel, France, the southern coast of Italy above the Tyrrhenian Sea, through the Ionian Sea, southern Greece pushing through the Mediterranean before making our descent over Lebanon and down into Jordan.


Cruising at 39,000 stepping to 41,000, this silky smooth Dreamliner made the journey feel seamless as normal and we made the landing into the marvellous new 3D airport without incident. I’d love to see the 787 reworked at some point!


For now from here on the virtual flight deck and on behalf the electronic crew, we wish you a pleasant stay here in the beautiful city of Amman and a safe onward journey.

Good times!

Amazing work and detail on the airport @RoyalJordanian @Sami_Fajita_Air

Departure: EGLL (London Heathrow Airport, London, England, U.K).
Arrival: OJAI (Queen Alia International Airport, Amman, Jordan).
Flight time: 4 hours 22 minutes.
Server: Expert.
Editing: Slight changes to contrast and light to bring out the best of what is available - nothing fake added or taken away.


WOW! That’s a beautiful airport 😂

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