London - Sydney

Hey guys, today I’m gonna do EGLL-YSSY. I will be departing 16:00z.

If anyone is interested reply thread. Plus it’ll be on expert sever

It may be advisable to follow this format:

You still need a bit more information outside of what @Jet_Airways_995 posted. Where’s the NOTAM? (What runway will you be departing Heathrow off of? What will you do in the presence of IFATC?, etc.) Also, a picture might draw more attention to your group flight.

All that information will come later, because as there is 4:30 hours left. So it’s unnecessary to give information now.

Actually people need as much information as possible as soon as possible, so they can see if they can fit it into their schedules.

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A group flight thread should be made 3 hours before departure 😀.


learned that the hard way

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