London - Skiathos, a Jet2 journey

A very long introduction

Hey y’all! On today’s FNF I flew 1 International route from Toronto to Athens in an Air Canada 787-9 Dreamliner, and 3 short routes into the Greek Islands, being:

  1. Nice → Mykonos, easyJet A320
  2. London Stansted → Skiathos, Jet2 737-800
  3. London Heathrow → Zakynthos, British Airways A320.

Each of these flights had their perks, and the visual and GPS landings on such small airports that were packed with traffic for their size was phenomenal! I’ll definitely be going to the smaller airports more, I encourage it.

The flight that stood out for me was the Jet2 to Skiathos. Both the amount of traffic at Skiathos was high, and the runway was small, and packed with safe, but mountainous terrain right next to the airport. Whilst in flight I couldn’t just leave my device, this livery is hard to take your eyes off! I was working on a PC at the time, and just had it landing against a stand so I could watch my journey take place. Jet2 offers so many amazing routes across Europe from some of the most unknown and unexpected places across Europe. I hope I can inspire you to give one of these flights a try!

Any who, here’s the flight information and some details about where I flew below.

Flight Details

Aircraft: Jet2 Boeing 737-800


Server: Expert, during the Athens FNF

Parked at Gate 23L, I was eagerly setting up my flight plan as another Jet2 737 (not able to get a photo opportunity of) had departed for Athens.

Rotating off Runway 22, at Stansted before a sharp bank to the East for my departure procedure out. The editing on this shot went a bit corny in the end. :(

Passing Margate and Ramsgate, UK. In the background you can also see Manston Airport, the plans for this airport is to supposedly attempt to bring it back to life…? Fun fact, the British Airways A380 was the last aircraft to ever touch its wheels here during pilot training.

Passing Brussels, Belgium. I also passed Liege, but the photo wasn’t worth it since I would’ve had too many shots in one topic.

Passing Frankfurt Airport. At this time, @JulietTango and @Pilot_Dave were stationary at their gate, but I was simply too far out for them to render.

Passing Belgrade, Serbia

Turning onto final, at Skiathos. The visibility had sure gone down when I had descended.

Europe’s Mini Sint Maarten? The runway is right next to a public beach! Fancy a swim?

Turning around at the end of the runway surely got a great view to mainland Greece.

At the gate (I’m the farthest) I met a number of other Jet2 aircraft. It’s great to see these around. Thanks to @WesleyHenrich for getting me safely to the ground!

Want to rate my landing? Go ahead!

For some reason the recording software makes the lag look so bad, I watched the entire recording as it happened, and no lag occured. It frustrates me…


ooh that’s beautiful!

i liked your unlisted video btw

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Practically all my videos are unlisted except from a few flying ones which were accdienlty posted publicly, 🤦‍♂️


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Nice pictures!

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Nice shots! The flare was a tiny bit early I think 🤔I do the same thing every time when flying a 737 lol

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I think it was more I pushed down on the yoke becuase I ideally wanted to expedite the runway, but it didn’t go that way anyway 😂

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Nice photos! To bad I can’t see myself 😂

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Really beautiful pictures of a great route, thanks for sharing!

Couldn’t agree more with you here. Autopilot off, (late) visual turns and a fantastic scenery make for a really fun approach and Greece has quite a few airports meeting this criteria!

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Nice landing for such a short runway.

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Your landing was about a 7.9/10, or ima guess like -140 vs. but I love the pics.

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Do you do anything else on your day 🤣

Really nice pictures, what was the flight time?

Nice summary man, really like the photos, where am I😂

Usually I’ll fly long hauls instead, but I had a day off everything so whilst I was doing some random personal wor, I got to doing this.

About 3:10.