London Rings

What’s the orange ring around Greater London all about?

It’s part of next week’s ATC schedule.

You’ll see in a couple hours.

@tominski. MaxSez: Just. Tap the Field ICAO’s to find out!


So there you go hint hint a schedule dedicated to infinite flight at home


Ahh ok. Thanks for the info

So we know on Wednesday there is gonna be some sort of event in London!

It means that you can’t fly between Heathrow and Gatwick also part of an event.

And by the looks of it City-Heathrow will also be prohibited

When I checked, it’s just Gatwick and Heathrow. I didn’t see any City-Heathrow 🙃

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The TFR is covering Luton, Heathrow, City and Gatwick

Have you read it though? Covering it is different than what it says 🙃🙃

I have read it…I get it - but it would vs logical that City-Heathrow flights would also not be allowed

If you want to discuss further - PM me…

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Thanks for the info fellow pilots!

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