London region weather

I live in the UK and at the moment we have a storm here so I headed to and saw this METAR

EGUW 231350Z 28035G50KT 9999 -RA BKN040 09/02 Q0986 BLU NOSIG


Okay, thanks for the weather report.


OH. MY. GOSH. I’m not flying there today…

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No problem looks like it could be some fun flying

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Same. Gonna fly around EGLL soon

I agree, I love crosswind landings and takeoffs! 😂

I’m looking forward to spotting someone being blown about in a tiny Cessna!


I flew there today… very hard to land but able :)

I guess I will roll up at London City in 5 minutes on expert, and see how a Cirrus copes with it.

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Join in the fun. Play in 50KT winds

Yep, it’s windy! The little plane was rocking back and forwards on the ramp, wanting to flip over.

Check out the autopilot on downwind - crazy!


@QR01 perfect for some xwind landing training !

Just did a flight from EGBB to EGLL in a Citation X…was a bumpy ride and a fun landing!

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Flew EGBB to EGLL earlier on IF live. Winds max at 50mph

It’s actually way heavier in the Netherlands i think…

I just flew from EGLL-EGBB, the takeoff was by far the hardest, I lifted the nose up at 150knots (B787-8 boeing livery) and my plane swerved to the right (Runway 27R) then my left wing smacked of the ground then I immediately experienced a tale strike (I didn’t pull the plane the far up, it was the wind) then I finally started ascending (trust me, you would not have wanted to be a passenger!) then it was time to land, it was easy because I practise crosswind landing A LOT so when I was about 5 meters above the ground I immediately turned my rudder the left, therefore I landed so my nose was point directly at the end of the runway :)

Just took off from EGSS to LEAS and the wind at 6000 ft was MAD, the plane was rocking like a feather…

Going to casual now!

Just landed at EGLL after the short hop from Birmingham. Had to Go-Around at 10AGL at EGLL the first time due to a wind shear, however second time round we got wheels down in a beautiful cross wind landing.

Overall Customer satisfaction: 7/10.
Overall sickbay usage:…10/10


i was just taking off in Birmingham on a Dash 8… Yes the wind is crazy right there