London Private Airport

I’m thinking of doing a flight from London to Addison tonight in the citation but I don’t know what airport in London I should use because London doesn’t have a specific general aviation airport I’m thinking of using Stanstead which is 3-D

Maybe I will use London City


From what I noticed with a quick search a decent few listed London flight from London City

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London has a fair few options in terms of dedicated GA airports to fly to, these are:

  • Biggin Hill (EGKB) - Pretty much what you’re asking for: GA ops, London Area

  • RAF Northolt (EGWU) - While more often used as a Royal Air Force base, it is still quite prominent with business aviation, so it definitely worth considering.

  • Farnborough (EGLF) - I would probably suggest this the most, seeing as it is practically the most prominent GA hub in the general area, only concern (if it even is one) is that by definition is not located in London, but it’s close enough I guess.

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Thanks what airport do the Gulfstreams and big private jets go to

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I would say EGLF is your best bet

I’m with you on doing the private flights and stuff the only problem is that there just aren’t enough options for private jets on the game.


Farnborough (EGLF) handles quite a lot
of private jet traffic or for smaller jets you also have:

Blackbushe (EGLK)
Biggin Hill (EGKB)
London Oxford (EGTK)

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