London, Ontario Airshow 2016

For all the fellow Canadians out there! There will be a crazy airshow in London, Ontario on September 17 & 18th!

Some of you may not be aware so I wanted to let you know! Maybe I’ll see some of you there ;)

I’ll probably end up buying an IF or Flight Cast shirt to rep Infinite Flight haha!

Static Display:

  • USAF B-1B Bomber
  • US Navy T-6 II
  • US Navy T-45
  • B412CF RCAF
  • USN MH-53 Sea Dragon
  • x2 USN MH-60 Seahawks
  • RCAF CC-130J Hercules
  • RCAF CT-142 Dash-8
  • RCAF CC-177 Globemaster III
  • x2 RCAF CF-188 Hornet
  • RCAF C-90 King Air
  • Canadair T-33

- x3 USAF F-15C Eagles
- F-22 Demonstration Team

  • Canadian Snowbirds
  • CF-18 Demonstration Team
  • Canadian Skyhawks (parachutists)
  • T-33 “Ace Maker”
  • Edge 540 Redbull: Pete Mcleod
  • BAC Jet Provost

I love how 1/3 of it is USAF.

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Canada and US are like bros. so it’s alright :)

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I went to the Airshow in St. Thomas. :)

Sounds fun and it’s close, but not really cross-the-border cool.

Yeah. For Canada though I’d say it’s pretty big. I want to see how it fairs to the Toronto one

This place is were an iranian carrier named Iran Aseman Airways ordered 20 Mitsubishi MRJs

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London, Ontario?


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I’ve been to the CIAS at the Ex, have you? Although I haven’t heard of this airshow.

I’ve been to it 5 years ago lol. I think the London Air Show was just recently revived after being inactive for a couple years.

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