London Luton aircraft restricted

This is my first time to London Luton with BBJ3 . While taxi to parking , i see my wing hit that . Does Luton airport can afford the biggest 737 family ?


it can, this is an issue with the 3D the editor put, I will contact them and have this fixed. have a good day!


Hiya! Im the editor of the airport and I apologise for any inconvenience caused by this. The barrier seems to have been placed too close to the taxiway and will be adjusted as per irl. Hope you enjoyed the other parts of the airport! Rest assured, the 737 family and even larger class E aircraft (such as the 777/787 family) can use the taxiway.


It’s my local airport, and I can confirm it does operate 737s regularly, and it has a DHL a330 sometimes even, so yeah this is a small editing error as mentioned by @NemAir :)